Fan Gets Killer Tech Tattoo

Nov 23 2010

What started as an innocent, “under-the-table” exchange would later turn into a wicked imprint on Enrique’s right foot. Enrique Perez, 25, recalls what started it all:

“I want to say the first time I was introduced to him was in 2002. I was managing a Pizza Hut back then and we made a deal with the local radio station to get some free CDs and that’s when I found the Beef Soundtrack. Tech’s track was my favorite one on there. A month later I’m like ‘who is this guy?’ and ‘what else has he done?’ and that’s when I fell into the Anghellic and Absolute Power.”

Enrique had been hooked ever since. For awhile Enrique has wanted to get a Tech N9ne tattoo, but just recently the inspiration hit him from Tech’s song “Stress Relief”, a song which has helped him cope through the many hospital visits to see his prematurely born twin babies, who were in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“That song was in my mind and when I saw this particular picture of Tech N9ne I was like ‘That’s ‘Stress Relief’.’ I decided to get the tattoo and have been gimping around with a swollen foot ever since!”

Tech N9ne With Enrique and tattoo artist Photelo

Done with exquisite shading and detail, the tattoo on Enrique’s foot is the image of a man experiencing extreme catharsis, a man who just happens to captivate audiences the world over. Enrique had the chance to show Tech the tattoo during the Independent Grind Tour’s stop at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale. Enrique thoroughly enjoyed the show and Tech was so impressed that he exchanged numbers with the tattoo’s artist, Photelo.

Enrique’s twins are doing much better and have since returned home. “Now the tough part is getting some sleep!” When asked if there’s anything he’d like to tell Tech, Enrique said: “I’m going to tell him exactly what he wants to hear and that’s ‘Go ahead and do you’.”

Be sure to check out and Photelo’s MySpace Page for more info on Photelo, the artist behind the tattoo. Shout out to Enrique for reaching out to us and for getting the killer ink and congratulations on two healthy twin boys, Odin and Julien.