Street Teamer Has Tech N9ne To Keep Her Going [Fan Feature]

Nov 18 2010

Tech N9ne is able to reach a lot of people with his music: being that he raps about his life with all of its ups and downs, his message resonates to a wide variety of people in all types of situations. Alyssa Stewart is one of those people. The Philadelphia Street Team leader has been undergoing her share of issues as of late, but Tech N9ne is able to keep her going:

“Tech’s music is why I’m still on this Earth so whatever I can do for him I will. I know I’m not alone and am not the only one feeling this way. For bringing be back when I was lost, the Snake and Bat is forever my cross.”

The last time Alyssa went to a Strange Music concert would prove to be eventful for reasons other than the strong performances, killer sets, and fan camaraderie. It was halfway through Brotha Lynch Hung’s set that Alyssa fell to the floor and had a seizure right in front of the stage. After being carried away by her fiance and security, Alyssa notes that D. Buck, Cognito’s close friend and affiliate, stayed behind to make sure that she was okay.

Life for Alyssa hasn’t been the same since: she can’t drive nor work, but she keeps hustling for Tech N9ne as the leader of Philadelphia’s street team. Currently Alyssa is receiving a paltry sum of aide from the government. At the time of the interview, she was not able to afford the Seepage EP, but planned on buying it once she could cash her “tiny ass check.”

Despite all the adversity, Alyssa still keeps on keeping on. When asked if she could say anything to Tech, the big-hearted Alyssa said the following:

“When I went VIP I had told Tech that him and his family are in my prayers. You never want to see someone hurt, but if I could say anything I would say that no matter what he does he kills it. Tech, your true fans will always be right behind you!”