Tech Talks Kanye West [Social]

Nov 24 2010

The always controversial Kanye West released his critically acclaimed album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, earlier this week. With the hip hop world raving about the album, Tech N9ne decided to take his opinion to Twitter. Over his official Twitter page, Tech had this to say about Kanye’s album:

Just bought KANYE I’m just on number 6 and I Fuckin love that nigga mane!

I’m listening for the 3rd time. That brotha is in his own league!

I gotta tell my fam thru REGIME MIKE DEAN to hook me with KANYE!

Tech’s fans flooded his official Facebook with their two cents:

Hmmm…thinking maybe i need to listen to kanyes new album n see what all this fuss is about…..maybe i was wrong to not like him, i mean, personally i think it would be a honor for kanye to work with tech.=]

hellz yah man luv it

Kanye is ridiculously talented, as is tech. Real recognizes real

Could Tech N9ne be after a Kanye West collaboration? Leave your thoughts below.