‘EAT ME’: Tech’s Face Says It All On Twitter [Social]

Nov 19 2010

When words weren’t enough to express his anger, Tech found another way get his message across to the people of The Kansas City Star. As reported earlier on our blog, Tech was upset over a review published by the paper on his Seepage EP. He took his frustration to Twitter for the rest of the night.

Once he had done enough talking, Tech N9ne decided to use his signature face paint to convey a message. The image on the left was posted to his official Twitter page with the following message:

“the guy who wrote that in kc star, read my face!”

Here, Tech can be seen with the words “Eat Me” painted on him. Tech wasn’t done though. Following that picture, he posted another with this message attached: this one says suck it.”

As Tech N9ne continues his public war cry towards the original reviewer, we have yet to see a response from the newspaper. Stay tuned for more!