EXCLUSIVE: Tech N9ne Talks ‘Bad Season’, Travis Barker, All 6s And 7s [1 of 2]

Dec 3 2010

Before heading west to perform series of intimate, smaller-venue shows in Colorado, I had a chance to talk to Tech N9ne over the phone and discuss recent developments in his career as well as his plans for the future. Tech addressed the whole DJ Whoo Kid near-fiasco which almost resulted in a cancelled mixtape, his recent collaboration with Travis Barker, All 6s and 7s, his recent burst of popularity, and much more. Since the interview was so long and in depth, it will be broken up into two parts, the next which will be available Sunday. Enjoy!

How did you find out about what Whoo Kid said, how did it make you feel, and how did you guys ultimately squash the ordeal and move on with the mixtape?
Tech On DJ Whoo Kid (8:43)

How are you liking the beats on Bad Season and how the songs are coming out?
Tech on the Bad Season Mixtape (1:38)

We recently saw that you laid a verse down for Travis Barker’s solo project. Tell us about that.
Tech on the Travis Barker solo project (10:40)