‘Down For The Block’ Featuring Big Scoob [Song]

Dec 30 2010

Bringing some of that signature gutta flow to Bad Season, Big Scoob joins Tech N9ne, Jay Rock, and Kutt Calhoun on “Down For The Block”. The menacing and gritty beat, produced by The Haitian Super Heroes ( DJ Whoo Kid and Red Spyda), lays down the right atmosphere for this hood tale. “Down For The Block” is an obvious fit for Scoob, who has been repping for his block since day one. The self-proclaimed “Damn Fool” delivers another fierce verse in his long list of guest spots. Scoob’s feature pulls no punches:

“Check my history, nigga when you mention me
bet they say I’m in the street, rider nigga for the V
fuck the industry, fuckin whatchu think of me
I don’t give a fuck, bitch, pussies be respectin me”

Scoob shows us there is no love lost between him and the people he feels shut him out. This may be a Tech N9ne track by title, but it’s easily a Big Scoob track at heart. Click here to download Bad Season.