EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tech N9ne On The Holidays [Audio]

Dec 25 2010

Happy Holidays from everybody at Strange Music! We were able to get Tech N9ne on the horn after his meet and greet session in Columbia to share his thoughts about the holidays. The interview turned out to be more funny than expected, as Tech finds out he’ll be able to drink hard liquor for New Year’s and expresses his excitement in child-like fashion.

AUDIO: Tech N9ne On The Holidays (5:26)

Do you remember a New Year’s Eve that stands out to you for being either crazy or pleasant?

New Year’s Eve–two years in a row, in Seattle, being at a rave. They had a big rave at a baseball stadium two years in a row and we did that motherfucker man. Ecstacy was everywhere. It was just a fun time for all. My homeboy T-Loon was with me, you know what I’m sizzlin’? Lebowski–everybody man. All my people that were around that area–Sassy, all of us, kicking it hard man those two years, New Year’s bringing in the New Year. One of them was with the Kottonmouth Kings. It was dope nigga. I’m talking about big raves, I’m talking about humongous raves. I can’t remember what the name of the raves were but they were the same spot both years. We partied like…rock stars?

Do you have any resolutions this year?

Yeah I gave it to them already. I said to lose my beer belly so I can be really sexy on these hos.

What do you think you’re going to be drinking on New Year’s?

What day does it fall on because I can only drink on Saturdays.

You can only drink on Saturday?

Drink hard liquor on Saturday.

Friday is New Year’s Eve.

Ah yeah yeah yeah, I can drink! At twelve-midnight I can drink! AHHH!!! I’m going to be drinking everything! I’m going to start–well I’m going to have my kids with me because I’ll be on the beach in Miami on New Year’s Eve with the family and with Travis and his family and my uncle and–so…I probably won’t get to drink like that because my kids will there with me, but I’ll probably have me a KC Tea–


And a Caribou Lou.

Very nice, very nice.

And a Long Beach, and a Cadillac margarita–that’s with grand marnier and Patron Silver–and uh, an apple martini, and–what’s that last one?–a cosmopolitan.

Okay! So you got it all figured out then.

Yeah, that’s what I drink on Saturdays. I do that in a row.

On to Christmas. Do you remember the favorite present you’ve ever gotten?

On Christmas…favorite present I ever got…let me see…these are some fucking wierd questions, man! It’s like I’m 39! Man, I can’t remember back that far, it’s like “Wow!” man!

That’s a cool answer though I like that.

[Laughs] You know what I’m saying? The coolest–I can barely remember what I got last Christmas!

Being that you’re accepted more by certain peers this year do you still feel like you’ve got a Red Nose?

Do I feel like I’ve got a Red Nose?


Hell yeah! They don’t see me on TV everyday! Put it like this: when I go to Denver, Colorado, I sell out the Fillmore at 4,000 people. We can get 7,000 or more at um Red Rocks, and they still don’t play me on the radio.

In Denver?

Yeah! So that’s a Red Nose like a motherfucker, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, I would.

You know what I’m saying? There’s a lot of places that don’t play my music or won’t play my videos. I don’t see my videos on nothing playing back to back. I got a beautiful video called “Leave Me Alone”, I got a beautiful video called “O.G.”, I got “Red Nose”–I won an award for “Red Nose” so that was tight–but you don’t see me on rotation so hell yeah I got a red nose, I’m still Rudolph! I’m probably going to be Rudolph until I die! I’m kind of enjoying being fucking Rudolph, you know what I’m saying? I have my red nose and I’m going to stand out and everybody’s going to know me.

What charities do you support or would you like to support during the holidays? I kind of already know the answer because you’re doing that thing with the Special Olympics.

Yeah, we’re doing that with the Special Olympics. We usually do the Secret Santa thing. People probably don’t know what that is but Secret Santa you help out families that are not fortunate enough to have Christmas and you buy presents, you buy turkeys, you buy stuff for several families.

Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Favorite holiday song…umm…[breaks into singing] “This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!” [Laughs] The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Appreciate it man.

It’s all good bro thank you.