Fans React To Early Release For ‘Bad Season’ [Social]

Dec 21 2010

Fans were in for quite a surprise yesterday being that it was a very strange day to say the least. An interview with DJ Whoo Kid revealed that the upcoming Bad Season mixtape will feature a song with Tech N9ne rapping over a beat produced by Dr. Dre and added percussion by Travis Barker! To much surprise, within hours of the published article with the Whoo Kid interview, DJ Whoo Kid released the very track mentioned in the interview and fans began to leave their feedback on the “Hard Liquor” track— so much so that DJ Whoo Kid contemplated the mixtape to be released earlier than Dec 25th due to fan reactions for the release. By the end of the day, XXL Magazine broadcasted on their networks that indeed, the fan reaction is so immense for this release, they feel it is necessary to release the mixtape two days earlier than expectedBad Season mixtape will now be released on December 23rd. As XXLMag said on their Twitter,

“Tech N9ne fans, applaud yourselves, you made this happen…”

Read below to see how the story unfolded. Voice your opinion on the Bad Season Mixtape!

What do you think about the early release date for Bad Season? Are there any tracks especially you’re looking forward to bumpin’? Does the early release affect your plans for Christmas? Please explain in the comments section!