Tech Confronts Twitter Beef [Social]

Dec 6 2010

Tech has always been good to his fans and he has gone out of his way to show appreciation to his fans, but over the course of this past weekend, Tech didn’t shy away at the opportunity to confront some of his “internet haters.” There were some haters in particular that really caught him off guard.

Blame it on the season, this Twitter user is doubling as both “The Grinch” and a “Psycho Bitch“. A woman(?) by the name @MaeganlPrice used Twitter as her tool to vent some nasty comments at Tech, calling him everything from “a (N-Word)” to “tranny fag”, but she didn’t stop there. After more than 20 belligerent updates on Twitter, she(?) finally got Tech’s attention in which Tech responded:

@melancholymaze love right back at you baby!

It’s good being Tech N9ne and having such a supportive fan base that will back you when internet haters appear. Here are a few of the Techn9ncians that were quick to respond to @MaeganlPrice during her Mitch Bade activities…

don’t give that hooker the satisfaction of you replying to her! Save your tweets for your real fans that love you! <3

At least @TECHN9NE has a life. You should get one.

I will not sit back and let ignorant people talk about my fam @techn9ne i will not hold my tounge so bring it bitch u not ready!

Focus on people that love and care for you, not her. The fans that accept & support you, not a nobody

Thanks to the fans, Tech has a lot more to be grateful for than he does internet haters to worry about. Internet bullies beware, Tech N9ne fans are out there keepin’ it Strange.

Why do you think that @MaeganlPrice would say this? What would like to say to @MaeganlPrice? Post your thoughts in the comments below!