Big Scoob Getting ‘Buttery’? [Social]

Jan 31 2011

Big Scoob took his frustration to twitter earlier today being that he feels he needs to play “catch-up” with his physical fitness. Big Scoob said:

“I need to find motivation to get bakk on this iron! I used to play wit 405lbs just 2yrs ago now 225lbs hurts WTF!! #fatfukktweet”

“That’s my new short term goal. I need to B able to lift 405lbs again by my release date May 3 2011 ‘DAMN FOOL'”

Big Scoob, 1/2 of the “Two Fat Fucks” rap group, took a video of him and his partnas hitting the gym several months ago. In this video, Big Scoob mentions that it’s been 16 months since he hit the gym (at the time of this video). This video first aired on Damn Fool TV in August 2010. At the end of this video, Big Scoob mentions:

“I got a long way to go, boy, I’m out of shape!”

A couple of fans on twitter gave their encouragement:

Here’s what fans are saying on Facebook:

What advice would you give to Big Scoob for increasing his muscle mass? Has fitness been a part of your New Year’s Resolutions this year? Do you have any success stories you’d like to share with Big Scoob? Post your responses in the comments below!