Makzilla To Give Relationship Advice On This Week’s Episode Of ‘SM Live’, Special Guest Hopsin To Appear

Feb 16 2011

Listen here today at 4pm CST!

SM Live With Makzilla Episode 5 by StrangeMusicInc

Makzilla, super hero, one-fourth of the 816 Boyz, and the Godzilla of Macking, will bestow his wisdom of the sexes this Friday on the special Valentine’s Week edition of SM Live With Makzilla. Ladies, now you can get a man’s perspective on those questions that have been bothering you for ages: why do men cheat? Why does he only cuddle for five minutes? What’s makes a man happy? Fellas: you now have the Godzilla of Macking to tell you how to keep your woman satisfied and to immediately capture the attention of that one you’ve been wanting forever. From love to sex, anything goes on the special Valentine’s Week edition of SM Live.

On top of that Makzilla is going to cover something which came on his radar that he’s GOT to talk about: Rihanna’s new single “S&M”, topped off with the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me.” Stay tuned for Makzilla’s outrageous take on the song during this week’s edition of SM Live!

Furthermore, the hot and in-demand rapper Hopsin will be making an appearance on the show. He’ll be available to take a few calls and answer questions from fans, who lately have been showing the MC a lot of love. Be sure to check out Hopsin’s debut appearance on SM Live this Friday!

UPDATE: Hopsin joined Makzilla for this week’s edition of SM Live. Makzilla dropped word that a new track from Brotha Lynch Hung will be released on the Strange Music site Monday. “It’s sick. It made me throw up in my spirit,” Makzilla said about the track. Makzilla touched on All 6s and 7s, saying that the project is still moving.

Hopsin joined Makzilla on the air, and said he was kind of nervous since it was his first time on live radio. The California rapper said he will be touring until May, guaranteed that he will collaborate with a Strange Music artist this year, and said “it’s fucking great” not being on a major label anymore. After answering several relationship and sex questions, Makzilla hit on Rihanna’s recently-release “S&M” music video. Makzilla said after seeing the video (Rihanna gets strangled with saran wrap) and listening to some of the lyrics (sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me), he thinks what happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown could have been a sexual encounter gone wrong.

Jay Rock will be joining Makzilla next Friday for SM Live. Send any questions or comments to!