Strange Music Video Of The Year (2010) [Poll]

Jan 1 2011

As 2010 nears a close there was another verdict we had to get out of the way: who had the dopest video? Competition was thick: between Lynch’s music video trilogy, Tech N9ne’s “O.G.”, and Krizz Kaliko’s slick “Elevator” amongst others, there were a lot of quality entries to choose from. Here are the nominees for Strange Music Video Of The Year.

Brotha Lynch Hung – “Colostomy Bag”
The third installment in Brotha Lynch Hung’s music video trilogy, this frightening video features scenes of torture and is shot in a fashion reminiscent of the Saw movies and Seven. Brotha Lynch Hung punctuates his gleefully murderous rhymes with images of knives and coathangers, sharing the screen with Madesicc artists C-Lim and G-Macc who nearly steal the show during the song’s menacing chorus.


Cognito made his splash onto the Strange Music scene with this gritty music video from his debut Strange Music release Automatic. Cognito takes a reflective stroll around an abandoned junkyard, an atmosphere truly reflective of the mood of the contemplative lead single. With lyrics that have real-life resonance, Cognito quickly found a way to connect with fans of Strange Music.

Tech N9ne – “O.G.”
The music video that re-solidified Kansas City as the barbeque capital of the world. Leave it to the king of Kansas City to make a song and video featuring the city’s most legendary export: great tasting barbeque. Featuring the KC institution Gates Bar BQ and shot at the mini-chain’s original location, this festive video features Tech in full-on celebration mode, reveling in his hometown and relaxing after a temporary escape from the darkness of K.O.D. Notable is Tech’s hallucinatory encounter with the Gates dude in the top hat.

Kutt Calhoun “Naked”
It’s easy to imagine what a music video for a song called “Naked” is all about: girls, girls, girls. Kutt Calhoun leaves little to the imagination in this music video that celebrates the female form as he travels from boom boom room to tour bus accompanied by ladies of all sorts. Big Scoob, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Makzilla all make guest appearances along with Strange Music publicity coordinator Korey Lloyd in his music video debut, undoubtedly a porfolio-expanding opportunity.

Krizz Kaliko “Elevator”
Krizz Kaliko takes on Las Vegas in this spicy music video. “Elevator” features all the things you would hope for a Las Vegas experience: booze, gambling, partying, and girls. Krizz stars as an operator of a magic elevator that takes you straight to where the party is at. Tech makes a memorable appearance, looking dapper as a card dealer in control of a nice wholesome game of strip poker.

Jay Rock “Diary Of A Broke Nigga”
Jay Rock brings grittiness back to a bubblegum rap game with this intense music video of struggle and survival. Hood-imagery is interlaced with Jay Rock lamenting about tough times in the ghetto, a story that, unfortunately, is all too relatable for many people out there today. Not since the 90s have we seen a music video tell this kind of story with such passion and authenticity.