‘Blammers And Burners’ [Song]

Jan 26 2011

Blazing off the Bad Season iTunes release, this brand new acapella sets a new bar for MCs everywhere. “Blammers And Burners” begins with a short introduction from Tech N9ne, in which he explains the origin of the verse. Originally intended to be paired with a verse from Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, the feature landed on Bad Season as an acapella with Tech’s signature chest beating.

Crooked I is known for his use of precise multi-syllabic rhyming. Such precision was showcased on his verse for Tech’s “Sickology 101”. It is no wonder then that Tech stepped up his game and delivered a verse that would make most hip hop heads take a second listen. Tech’s abrasive verse ends with a warning to all who oppose:

Hush when you rollin through KCMO, better bust so they gonna lose they people
nigga killa city, we hella for real and gritty, itty bitty you shitty, we let the straight heat go
anybody tryin to get over can never see us, put your money up by yo mouth or get beat up
bloody murder we got it comin through ya speakas, Tecca Nina with Crooked I bustin niggas and we just

Easily one of Tech’s best verses this year, “Blammers And Burners” is another classic from Bad Season. Fans can download Bad Season on iTunes or purchase a copy by visiting the Strange Music webstore.