‘Curious (What Up With Ya Girl)’ [Song]

Jan 30 2011

Two is always better than one. That’s the idea behind Tech N9ne’s “Curious (What Up With Ya Girl)”. The brand new track from Bad Season’s iTunes release features Irv Da Phenom and Royce Da 5’9″ from the supergroup Slaughterhouse. The three MC’s take turns at expressing their desire to close the deal with a girl and her friend. Tech doesn’t shy away from his love for women, as he bluntly says in the hook:

What up with ya girl, I want to enjoy
will you tell your girl, to get up with ya boy
and I’m diggin on you, but I’m still curious
you lookin at me like playin, but I’m dead serious

During one of the song’s funnier moments, Royce drops a playful line that highlights his verse:

I was taught by them eaters to double your plate
I’ma be cummin til one of you got the juggalo face

Laid out over a smooth R&B production, “Curious” is sure to be a favorite among both the ladie and the players. Bad Season features four brand new tracks and high quality recordings not previously available. Click here to download Bad Season from iTunes or purchase your physical copy of Bad Season here.