DJ Whoo Kid On ‘Bad Season’ Release, Possible Eminem/Tech N9ne Collaboration

Jan 25 2011

Is a Tech N9ne and Eminem collaboration on the way? It could be sooner than you think. During yesterday’s live broadcast we were able to get DJ Whoo Kid on the line to talk about the Bad Season mixtape and what it means for Tech N9ne’s future.

On the response from Bad Season:

“People are bugged out on how he killed the type of tracks we would listen to, and he did it with ease. Not to mention his artists stepped up to the game too and became heroes out here also.”

Bad Season setting a new standard for future mixtapes:

[Bad Season’s] got me looking really good, especially on the production side, it got me looking extra good. I got so much extra work fucking with Tech N9ne. I’m doing everybody’s shit now with original production. It kind of raised the bar on doing mixtapes to where people would rather have original production instead of doing beats over and doing other people’s songs over.”

Favorite Tracks on the mixtape:

“‘Livin’ Like I’m Dyin”, ‘Somethin’ To See’: I love that song. I hear that shit like everyday while I’m driving in traffic. With speakers in the car and all that…that shit is ri-fucking-diculous.”

The effects of the mixtape for Tech N9ne:

“A lot of artists are calling me to do collabos with him. Even over the weekend, just me talking to him on the radio, I had two artists call me. Weeks prior other artists have been calling me who are interested: shout out to Lloyd Banks, he’s like ‘Wow!’ Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of collabos. Snoop Dogg’s people have been hitting me up about ‘Hard Liquor’. Don’t be surprised if you see a ‘Hard Liquor’ remix with Snoop Dogg coming soon. People just got zapped, like Tech N9ne is a human electrode and everyone was on their backs on the streets and he just woke ’em up.”

Possibility of a Tech N9ne and Eminem collaboration:

“They worked together like years ago, like 10-12 years ago. Dealing with, especially like Royce and D12 and all them, the rumors are crackling or leaking into that camp to where it will probably wake them up. I’m going to set that up also ’cause I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tech N9ne, Eminem collabo. I’m doing my phone calls. That’s something that everyone is wanting to see. There’s too many links to where there’s no way it can’t happen.”

Click here to purchase your copy of Bad Season on iTunes, including four new tracks and improved audio!