Tech N9ne Atlanta Broadcast Recap [Video]

Jan 27 2011

Last night Tech N9ne took time out of his busy recording schedule to give us an update from the Atlanta studio where he’s recording tracks for his upcoming album All 6’s and 7’s. Tech took questions from the fans, who came out in droves to support their favorite MC.

Click here or watch below.

Notable Highlights

– Tour starts in late April. Doesn’t know who he will be touring with yet.
– KABOSH is still coming. Tech will be hooking up with Dirty Wormz during the South By Southwest music and film festival held in Austin, Texas.
– Krizz Kaliko is performing solo at this year’s Paid Dues Festival.
Bad Season is number four on iTunes hip hop chart and MUST reach number one!
– Doesn’t blaze trees anymore: “Blazed off of life nigga!”
– Krizz Kaliko makes an appearance around 31:00.
– Walk into the studio around 47 minute mark to witness musicians crafting an extra funky LIVE BEAT for Tech’s All 6s and 7s.
– Plays a beat at 51 minute mark that will be on All 6’s and 7’s: “Delusional”.

All 6s and 7s

– Lil Wayne has the track “Fuck Food”. T-Pain has already laid it down on it, changing the hook, but making it dope none-the-less.
– “Worldwide Choppers” already features Yelawolf. Busta Rhymes currently has the track and is almost ready to lay down his verse. Song might be submitted to Twista among others.
– “Pornographic” is a song he wants to give to Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg.
– Album title comes from playing craps. Whenever someone is at 6s and 7s, you’re putting all your money on one thing and you have to be insane to put all your money on that. “In a state of confusion and disarray, which is where I am mentally and spiritually.
– The title was supposed to be a tattoo first, similar to Anghellic.
– 816 Boyz WILL appear on All 6s and 7s.
To be released on June 7 (6/7/11)
Willpower, Yelawolf’s producer, makes an appearance and produced the track that Tech plays at the end, “Delusional”.

MCs and Artists Tech Supports

– “Janelle Monae is the shit, I can’t wait to work with her.”
– Tech wanted Hopsin (and Brotha Lynch Hung) on “Losing My Mind” from the Bad Season mixtape. Furthermore said “I would love to work with Hopsin.”
– Tech is possibly trying to sign Stevie Stone, CES Cru, and ¡Mayday!
– “I dig Wiz Khalifa. Why wouldn’t I? My mother’s last name is Khalifa.”
– “I dig Kid Cudi.”
– “I dig Haystack. Maybe we should do some shit.”
– Tech likes Immortal Technique. Tech had a song slated for him on K.O.D. : “Every Man For Himself” but ended up not writing it because he didn’t want to slate that into existence. The song turned into “Alucard”.