SM Blogs Interview With G-Macc From Madesicc Muzicc [Audio]

Feb 24 2011

G-Macc, the Madesicc artist who’s became familiar to so many after his haunting chorus for Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Colostomy Bag”, was able to talk to us about Lynch’s upcoming Coathanga Strangla and much more. The Sacramento MC shared with us the making of the album, how he thinks it stands up to Dinner and a Movie, reveals his writing process, and in a telling statement, declares what he wants to bring to hip hop:

“I bring the darker side of the rap music industry. Everyone has a dark side to them and I trigger that. I am everyone’s nemesis. That’s how I see it: I am everyone’s alter-ego.”

G-Macc goes on to take calls from the fans and at the end gives a very important message to everyone out there who’s trying to make it in this rap game. It’s a very telling and revealing interview featuring one of the siccest MCs to grab ahold of a microphone. Make sure you pre-order Coathanga Strangla to get your autographed copy and a limited-edition album t-shirt and sticker.

SM Blogs Interview With G-Macc by StrangeMusicInc