Strange Music Podcast: ‘SM Live With Makzilla’ – Episode 3: ‘Superbowl Edition’

Feb 7 2011

Break out the chips and dip, Strange Music presents the special Superbowl Edition of the Strange Music podcast, SM Live With Makzilla! In this episode, Makzilla takes you within an exclusive Super Bowl party as he hangs out in Dallas with his friends Corey Mays, the inside linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, and comedian Beeznutz. The show proved to be the most entertaining episode of SM Live yet, featuring calls from Big Scoob, producer Matic Lee, and Irv Da Phenom! Highlights of the broadcast include:

  • The consensus was unanimous, the Kansas City Chiefs were picked by nearly all the fans to win the Superbowl!
  • Makzilla’s announcement of Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne in the studio together.
  • The pre-order announcement for Brotha Lynch Hung’s Coathanga Strangla.
  • Big Scoob’s call towards the beginning of the broadcast and Makzilla’s explanation of a “dickey mouth.”

Listen to the broadcast below and share your thoughts! ‘SM Live With Makzilla’ – Episode 3 02/04/2011 by StrangeMusicInc