Strange Music Podcast: ‘SM Live With Makzilla’ – Episode 4: ‘Uh Oh!’

Feb 15 2011

Strange Music presents the “Super Bowl Hangover” edition of SM Live With Makzilla, where the debate attempts to be settled: “What is THE WORST National Anthem of all time?” Makzilla thought he knew the answer, but was left more confused than before given the suggestions from some of the callers. To settle the debate we’re going to poll the question here for everyone to answer. Here are your choices gathered from the answers gathered from the show.

Carl Lewis At An NBA Game

Roseanne Barr At Major League Baseball Game

Police Officer At Chattanooga Funeral

On top of that Makzilla had a few show announcements and also confirmed the Tech N9ne / Lil Wayne collaboration. Listen to the full episode below and don’t forget to put in your vote!

‘SM Live With Makzilla’ Episode 4 by StrangeMusicInc