‘Caribou Lou’ Party Patrol

Feb 18 2011

The weekend is here and you know what that means: get your drink on the right way with some Caribou Lou! We looked around Twitter to see who else was getting ready for the weekend proper. From the looks of it, Caribou Lou is a craze that is sweeps the nation on a daily basis! Check out Annie, just dying for a Caribeezy! Long day at work perhaps? We’ll keep you posted. The Columbia Bartending Agency is also in on the action, offering extra credit to their bartending students who can recite the recipe for Caribou Lou on their exam, and another bonus point for anybody who can name the artist who invented the drink! Are they handing out certificates? Take a look below at the BUZZ for everyone’s favorite drink, Caribou Lou! Don’t forget to purchase “Caribou Lou” and forward your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.com for your chance to win one of ten autographed, “Caribou Lou” Gold plaques!