Tech N9ne And Eminem Collaboration Mention Appears On Official Aftermath Entertainment Blog

Feb 2 2011

The folks at Eminem’s camp are paying attention, and yet another signal is shown that an Eminem and Tech N9ne collaboration is bound to happen. Recently we interviewed DJ Whoo Kid and asked him about the possibility of the two powerhouse MCs colliding on a track. DJ Whoo Kid seemed to think the chances were likely, as evidenced by this revealing quote posted on the Aftermath website:

They worked together like years ago, like 10-12 years ago. Dealing with, especially like Royce and D12 and all them, the rumors are crackling or leaking into that camp to where it will probably wake them up. I’m going to set that up also ’cause I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tech N9ne, Eminem collabo. I’m doing my phone calls. That’s something that everyone is wanting to see. There’s too many links to where there’s no way it can’t happen.

Make sure you click HERE and visit the post on! Let them know how much you want to see this collaboration go down!