Weekly Top 3 ‘Caribou Lou’ Fan Videos [POLL]

Feb 16 2011

Last week, in order to commemorate the “Caribou Lou” Gold Contest, we made the debut of the weekly top three “Caribou Lou” videos. Last week’s videos featured a music video, a c-walk video, and an instructional video on how to make “Caribou Lou”. The winner of the poll? None other than the Clown Walker himself. Be sure to enter the Caribou Lou Gold Contest by purchasing “Caribou Lou” online and sending your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.com. The ten lucky winners picked upon Caribou Lou going gold will win their very own autographed Caribou Lou Gold Plaque! Here are this week’s videos. Be sure to vote below!

High School Student Raps Caribou Lou On School Bus

The Biggest Batch of Caribou Lou Ever Made?

Fan Dances in Best Buy: The Graeginator strikes again and dances in the middle of Best Buy to a full-volume dose of Tech N9ne. Skip to 2:40 to watch him get down to Caribou Lou, which eventually leads to an employee getting in on the fun.