Brotha Lynch Hung And Entire Madesicc Family To UStream Live From The Studio This Thursday

Mar 2 2011

The Coathanga Strangla, Brotha Lynch Hung himself, will be broadcasting live from Area 51–his personal recording studio in Sacramento–w/ his Madesicc Family this Thursday from 3pm to 4pm PST (5-6 CST). Join the conversation and stop by to say hi and ask your questions, as the Madesicc crew will be on stand-by to answer any of your questions before pre-ordering Lynch’s upcoming release, Coathanga Strangla, now available for pre-order here. Along with Brotha Lynch Hung, tune-in to see GMacc, COS, VampLoc1, Blat, Don Rob, Loco Rick, Phonk Beta, Calico 101, No Love, Bleezo, Crook Wood and several ladies that are in the skits on Coathanga Strangla! See you then!

Check out the video below to view the recorded broadcast!