Kool Keith Mentions Brotha Lynch Hung In HipHopDX Interview

Mar 10 2011

Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MCs talked about porn stars, Sex Style, and what he’s been up to this year when he interviewed with HipHopDX last month.

Kool Keith dropped Brotha Lynch Hung’s name in the interview.

“Me, I buy every rap [album]. I listen to a lot of rappers, from E-40 to Brotha Lynch Hung to Casual to Fiend in New Orleans, to C-Murder to Silkk The Shocker to Esoteric to… I have a variety of listening. I love all types of styles, globally [and] around the United States. A lot [new] rappers, they just lock into one guy, and they actually become that guy,” Kool Keith said.

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