SM Blogs Interview With Dan Gedman: Music Video Director For ‘The Coathanga’ and ‘Spit It Out’

Mar 21 2011

SM Blogs had a chance to talk with the man behind the lens, Liquid 9 co-founder and director Dan Gedman, to discuss his involvement in the making of Brotha Lynch Hung’s latest music videos: “The Coathanga” and “Spit It Out”. Mr. Gedman shared what it is like to work with Brotha Lynch Hung, describing it as an utmost pleasurable experience. We also discovered what goes on inside the psyche of a director who’s participating in making one of the most disturbing music videos out: does he enjoy the sick and twisted fun of crafting such troubling imagery? Dan Gedman also relates to us his favorite directors and the influences that were had on the making of “The Coathanga”. The director was charismatic as usual in describing what it took to bring Brotha Lynch Hung’s vision to life on the silver screen and towards the end also shared his advice for directors looking to make it in the film industry. For film buffs and Lynch fans, this interview is a must-listen.

Listen below! Follow Dan Gedman on Twitter on @liquid9!

Watch the video for “The Coathanga” below and click here to watch “Spit It Out” on!

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