Krizz Kaliko To Appear On ‘SM Live’

Mar 3 2011

Peep the Genius himself, Krizz Kaliko, fresh off of his DOPE solo show debut in his hometown of Kansas City, as he will be joining Makzilla on this week’s episode of SM Live! This week’s show will feature a new-and-improved hour-long format so that you can get ready in full for the weekend! Join Makzilla for the most entertaining podcast in the world, SM Live! If you still have any relationship questions for Makzilla, please ask them on the air, or if you have any questions for the Genius, keep them in mind and ask Krizz Kaliko himself! It’s going to be a party as usual! Kali baby!LISTEN BELOW FOR FULL EPISODE!

UPDATE: This week was a special episode of SM Live for several reasons. Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, and Irv da Phenom joined Makzilla live today to answer more of your relationship questions. The guys joined Makzilla in Wichita where Krizz and Kutt will be doing a show tonight. Today was also the first hour-long SM Live episode. We will keep giving you one hour with Makzilla every Friday.

Krizz Kaliko put on a crazy show last weekend at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City. Kali “tore the roof off the place,” Mak said. Irv da Phenom said he will be releasing his latest project April 26. Some of the callers have been asking when Strange Music will be in their city next. Click here for a list of Strange Noize Tour dates.

Makzilla and the guys talked about Charlie Sheen, the fastest person to reach one million followers on Twitter. If you haven’t been up on your Charlie Sheen news lately, Makzilla filled you in. Makzilla said he thinks that Sheen is a genius because he’s fooled America into thinking he’s high. Since America loves comeback stories, Charlie Sheen could be pulling a publicity stunt.

Makzilla said he is going to start adding some new segments to the show. We will start a karaoke session where Mak plays a song, and he will cut it out and if a caller can sing the rest of the song, they will win a prize. Mak is also going to start calling someone each week to mess with them. We won’t know who that will be until Mak gets them on the line.

Send any questions or comments to! Remember, this is your chance to ask Makzilla and the guests anything that you want. There will be plenty more shenanigans and more jokes next week on SM Live with Makzilla. Join us every Friday for the party before the party even starts live at 4 p.m. (CST).