Makzilla Tackles Sex Inequality On ‘SM Live’

Mar 18 2011

WHY is it that when a man has sex with a lot of women he’s considered a pimp and when a woman has sex with a lot of men…she’s a ho? Makzilla tackles the age-old question with his own brand of insight and hilarity in this special episode of SM Live. Furthermore, expect the appearance of a very special guest in this episode of the world’s most entertaining podcast. Who? Can’t tell, but you’ll definitely want to stick around to find out!

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Listen to the broadcast below and prepare to be entertained: IT’S FRIDAY with SM LIVE!


UPDATE: You missed out, if you didn’t catch today’s episode of SM Live. Makzilla gave us a couple of snippets from tracks on Big Scoob’s Damn Fool. They are straight-up fire! We’re definitely ready for Damn Fool to drop. Mak hit you guys with several pieces of music news. Tech N9ne was featured in the VIBE room at SXSW and headlined the show. Lil Wayne announced the release date of Carter IV, which is May 16, just weeks before Tech drops All 6s and 7s.

Today’s big topic was why a man who fucks a lot is a pimp, and a female who fucks a lot is a hoe. After several female callers, a few guys called in to weigh in. It seems like most people disagree with the double standard. One female caller said she thinks a woman should go by a no-tell policy and keep her mouths shut on the number of guys she is sleeping with. Another caller said a man can be a hoe, and a woman can be a player.

Towards the end of the show, Mak welcome a very special guest by the name of TECH N9NE. Tech said the double stand exists because a lot of men feel it’s a man’s world and women are secondary. Tech helped Mak launch the first-ever “Friday Fuck You” session. “Friday Fuck You” was a huge success! Keep ’em coming for next week’s episode of SM Live.

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