Throwback: Brotha Lynch Hung Dubcnn Interview [Audio]

Mar 8 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung talked with West Coast news network Dubcnn after the release of Dinner And A Movie last year.

Lynch talked about his latest release, what it meant for him to sign with Strange Music, and his hopes for collaborating with Eminem. “Yes sir! I’m hoping it happens soon! People are on Eminem now and it’s up to him to keep it going. I wanna get him while he’s hot,” Lynch said of a potential collaboration.

Lynch went on to talk about how he uses Twitter to connect with his fans. “I used to be very active on my MySpace page. My thing is keeping in touch with these fans, because I haven’t able to release a whole lot of albums. So I wanted to see where their heads was at. I use this Twitter, I probably tweet too much,” Lynch said.

Lynch had a few words to say about Ice Cube, and why he considers himself to be the bridge between the Old West and the New West.

Click here to read and listen to the Dubcnn interview.