Fan Shows Off ‘All 6′s and 7′s’ Tattoos

Mar 30 2011

“Here is a picture to Tech N9ne…. Before and after picture of All 6’s And 7’s tattoo. This was done 3/29/11.. I love Techs music. His music soothes my mind and gives it rest, heals my heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul..What would the world be like without Tech N9ne music!??….., POINTLESS!!! Music is always gonna be my escape from reality. When I hear Techs songs, it calms me down. Its like I see no danger in front of me, nothing exsist. Im in my own world as I see it, I am a person that gets mad a lot. Troubles with my family, half of them dont talk to me so I listen to your songs, whenever Im angry or sad you music soothes me. Your music is like a drug to me, I listen to it every single day! Most of us fans think your music save us. For ever STRANGE MUSIC!!!

Together We Are A Powerful Force As One Mind, Body, And Soul.
Let No Evil Nor Attempt To Reduce Us Becuz Of Tha Beliefs We Hold.
And With This Love, Combined With Our Strength, We Ward Off Pain And Stress.
TECHNICIAN I Am Wholeheartedly In LIFE And In DEATH.

TECH N9NE!!!!!!!”

– Yvette Galleogos

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