Fan With Albinism Identifies With Tech N9ne: MC With The ‘Red Nose’

Mar 29 2011

Everyone is different in their own way right? Yes they are. I am one of many more, but just how many? I do not know that answer but I know that I am “rare”. I would love to learn more about myself, maybe even my ancestors. I love so many different types of music its crazy! I love Tech N9ne, I feel that he really knows what its like to be different.

Who doesn’t love Tech N9ne? I cannot stop listening to “Red Nose”!!!

I am the kind of person who loves music. I would love to someday be an actress, dancer, singer, house designer, singer, or an entrepreneur. Growing up I got teased a lot, always felt like the odd one out. Now I see that things are only going to get better!

Over and over again, I sit and replay this song, and feel the emotion in the verses. I love it. I think that any one can relate to this song along with all of Tech n9ne’s songs,

“Homie trust me Nothing is worse than knowing your beautiful But your treated like an ugly duckling” – Tech N9ne, Red nose.

“They tend to stray away from me because I’m different
And it’s been this way with me ever since I was an infant
Other kids were jealous”- Red Nose.

My mom always told me that I was special, and one of a kind, but I could still see the rest of the world didn’t see.

I didn’t ever know I why I was different until my eye doctor told me I have ocular albinism when I was around 16 years old.

“Never knowin later on in life, I would relish
The thought of me ballin, Livin my life and sell it” – Red Nose.

Always being stared at, negatively, and positively, being asked if I am albino, why my hair is so thick, look it up people: Albinism.

“Made it through everything negative, bravo
The money that’s comin to feel like I won the Lotto”- Red Nose.

I am so thankful that I am getting the chance to express Tech N9ne’s music and how it can relate to anyone, I will never stop thanking them for this!

“Underground up done found it’s creature
Not scared of a nigga with clownish features
I makin a name outside your mainstream
Real, It wasn’t an insane dream
From the beginning, I really came clean
You about to see Strange gleam
Take it over and gain green
Strange Music and RBC along with Fontana
We gon’ change things” – Red Nose

Tech N9ne!

– Deja Marie Stephenson

Thank you for sharing your story Deja. You’re truly a beautiful woman inside and out, and your courage is an inspiration to everyone that struggles to find their place in the world!

If you have a story about how Tech N9ne’s music has affected your life, please share it with God bless the beautiful people that we come into contact with on a daily basis that have been touched by Tech’s music, you’re just as inspirational to the rest of us as Tech must be to you.