Weekly Top 3 ‘Caribou Lou’ Fan Videos [POLL]

Mar 3 2011

Last week we asked you which of the following videos were your favorite a) skateboarders doing their thing to “Caribou Lou”, b) two suburban white boys do their own “Caribou Lou” music video, and c) a bartender breaking down the nuances and flavors of “Caribou Lou”. The winner? C!: bartender breaks down the nuances and flavors of “Caribou Lou”. Be sure to enter the Caribou Lou Gold Contest by purchasing “Caribou Lou” online and sending your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.com. The ten lucky winners picked upon Caribou Lou going gold will win their very own autographed Caribou Lou Gold Plaque! Here are this week’s videos. Be sure to vote below!

An acoustic rendition of “Caribou Lou”

A silly and psychedelic music video for “Caribou Lou” featuring a girl dressed up as a banana.

Give the drummer some! Adding another layer of drums to “Caribou Lou”