‘All I Kno Is Hood’ Reassures Fans: ‘Damn Fool’ Is Good [Song]

Apr 19 2011

Truth: “All I Know Is Hood” is one of Strange Music’s most chain-offing singles this season. Big Scoob’s SKS-fire, bullseyes-barraging flow is instantaneously a force to be reckoned with. The beat is soaking wet in a season of dried out, industry piss-production (a return from IcyRoc Kravyn, the legendary KC producer behind Tech N9ne classics such as “This Ring” and “T9X”).

Hoodies and Dickies, that’s how I dress
Real spit, homie, you know me, I am a MESS!

Big Scoob busts out semi-automatically blastin’ at the vegetarian bars of the meat-substituting mainstream and does so with protein-rich rhythm and ambition. Featuring Krizz Kaliko in the trunk-bumpin’ hook, “All I Know Is Hood” preps Strange fans for the onslaught of lyrical murder Damn Fool is fixin’ to perpetrate May 3rd.

Gang bang, reppin’ the name, I’m from the soil
Rap game, nothin’ but flames, I got that oil
Gutter butter, seepin’ and leakin’, like I’m a boil
Old school, actin’ a fool, that Delta Royal

Get caught up in the hiphopocide May 3rd and pre-order Damn Fool, Big Scoob’s latest and greatest.

Pre-order Damn Fool

If you find you simply cannot await the entire album, buy “All I Know Is Hood” on iTunes and get propelled into the new era of high-velocity rap featuring the Usher, Strange Music.

iTunes, Buy “All I Know Is Hood” – the single

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