Fans Respond To Strange Music Pre-Orders

Apr 4 2011

The shopping experience still means a lot to a customer, even in 2011. Anticipating an album release is exciting enough, but Strange Music aims to make it even more special for fans. For every new Strange Music release, there is a pre-order special that is offered exclusively online. These premium offers include exclusively unreleased MP3’s, t-shirts, stickers, and most importantly, an autographed copy of the album. Ever since Strange Music first began offering these pre-orders, fans have made the experience all their own. Strange Music fans eagerly await the arrival of their packages (in some cases they arrive early), and then share the experience with other fans online. A few quick searches online turn up videos of fans opening their Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung pre-orders to much excitement.

It is because of Strange Music’s quality merchandise and customer service that these pre-orders have become such a success. Recently, fans voiced their personal experience with pre-orders over Facebook and Twitter. Here is a look at the fan response to Strange Music pre-orders:

My experience is excellent. I got everything on time. I have pre-ordered vitiligo, shock treatment, feature presentation, and now preordered 6s and 7s. Can’t wait to get that shit. Favorite part about pre-order is when the package shows up its like christmas. – Clay Cochran

i pre-order because strange does it GREAT! love getting the package in the mail when especially when it gets there early sometimes gettind a autographed cd a sticker i remember i got a dog tag too for KOD and you get a sticker and a tshirt who the hell else does that!? NOBODY STRANGE BABY! PLUS YOU GET A BONUS SONG WITH EVERY PRE-ORDER!!!! EXCLUSIVE SHIT FOR PRE-ORDERS BABY I LOVE IT! STRANGE MUSIC BITCH! – Froto Bagme

I have pre-ordered Sickology 101, K.O.D., Lost Scripts of K.O.D., The Gates Mixed Plate, Seepage, Bad Season, and All 6’s and 7’s. I think you guys do a great job with the pre-orders, I always look forward to them. I enjoy the sticker, autograph, and t-shirt that come with it. The t-shirt gets alot of use from me along with the cd and for the price it’s all worth it! But the autograph is the most special thing to me. You guys have the best pre-orders and prices out there, keep it up! – Alex Miranda

*Really like the dedication of the Strange family to take the time & sign the cds. It shows that the fans mean something to the artists – William Colleran

The autographs and bonus tracks are the biggest selling points of pre-ordering…the other extras are cool too – Frank Schofield

Let us know what your experience has been like with ordering Strange Music pre-orders. Leave your feedback below!

Remember, you can still pre-order Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s and Big Scoob’s Damn Fool for exclusive bonus materials!