Mannibalector [Single Review]

Apr 25 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung, once again takes us on another morbid tale with his new sinister single “Mannibalector” from Coathanga Strangla. Lynch spits a story, which begins with him eating up a girl to a point where she’s unrecognizable. Lynch goes hard with his food metaphors in this song, finding creative ways to give you a visualization of what he’s doing to his victims. Just when you think he has used up every food metaphor, he comes right back with another one that’s even more insane than the first.

His second verse of the song gives us best line of the song ” I don’t wanna get blood on my pioneer boxtop, operation make pasta.” That’s the type of line, when he drops it, you have to rewind the song back and go “Did he really just say that??” You have to listen to the song multiple times to fully grasp Lynch’s rap skill. What he raps about and the way he goes about is second to none. “Mannibalector” gives us wicked tales about cannibalism, a person who’s “loco in the cabeza” who’s about to murder rappers, and about a man who just got out of jail, who kills his daughter’s high school teacher because he took her in the closet to “teach” her. His story telling may not not for everyone but there’s no denying it’s highly creative.