Big Scoob And Txx Will Guest Star On ‘SM Live’

Apr 7 2011

You know what time it is! SM Live with Makzilla every Friday at 4PM CST! This week we got Big Scoob, that Damn Fool you all know and love, and Txx Will, one of the original members of the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians, BOTH on the panel of this week’s episode!This week’s topics are the impending government shutdown: what the hell is going on? How are we going to put our faith in a government that decides to shut down on us? Who’s to blame for this and who will be affected? Plus Makzilla, Scoob, and Txx Will are going to dig back into their roots and discuss poverty, how it affected them, how it affects everybody, and what we can do about it. It’s going to be another hilarious yet thought provoking episode of the MOST ENTERTAINING SHOW IN THE WORLD: SM Live!

UPDATE: Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. This episode of SM Live was definitely one not to miss. Big Scoob and Txx Will joined Makzilla for episode 12 of SM Live. Tech N9ne even called in during the middle of the episode while he was getting a haircut.

Makzilla and Big Scoob talked about Gucci Mane’s arrest that happened earlier today. Gucci Mane was arrested for battery related to accusations that he pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle earlier this year. Makzilla and Big Scoob discussed Glenn Beck, who will be leaving his Fox News show later this year. Makzilla said he actually likes Glenn Beck.

With Big Scoob in the house, the guys played a sample from Big Scoob’s Damn Fool that drops May 3. Big Scoob said the album has a little bit of everything on it. If you haven’t already, click here to pre-order the album now. Txx Will talked about his album, Maximum Volume, which just dropped March 15. Make sure to pick up Maximum Volume on iTunes.

Big Scoob had a lot to say about the potential government shutdown. Makzilla said a lot of these issues aren’t new. “The reality is a lot of this stuff has been going on for years,” Makzilla said. Tech N9ne said he was going to try to get Big Scoob a guest spot on “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

The guys talked about what it was like being poor growing up. Tech said he used to hit his shoes together in the morning to make sure there weren’t any roaches inside. Makzilla had a good laugh at one caller, identified as “Cracker Jack”.

Mak spent the last 10 minutes of SM Live with the weekly “fuck you” session. Tech N9ne and Big Scoob said fuck you to the people who have been leaving shady messages on their phones. Txx Will said he’d actually been having a good week, but he threw a fuck you to everyone who doesn’t come to his listening party later this month. Get your “fuck yous” ready for next week’s episode of SM Live with Makzilla.

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