SM Live To Handle The Most Important Debate Of All Time: Who’s The Greatest?

Apr 13 2011

This week, SM Live assembles a panel of MCs and hip hop aficionados to tackle the age-old debate: who’s the greatest? We will not only be discussing who’s the greatest of right now, but of all time. Biggie or Tupac? Public Enemy or Run DMC? Rakim or Kool G. Rap? No stone goes unturned on this week’s episode of SM Live. Representing the West Coast we have none other than DJ Chill on the panel, from the East we’ll have M Dot, and from the Midwest we have Txx Will and Chauncy Clyde on the panel. The episode hasn’t even started yet but it’s already getting heated behind the scenes!

Call (347) 994-3066 with your thoughts because it’s going to be a live one! SM Live, the most entertaining show in the world!