Connecting With K.O.D. [Fan Feature]

Apr 26 2011

There are a lot of similarities between me and tech that make me relate to his music. I lost one of my best friends, Lauren (Sept. 9, 2009) just before K.O.D. came out. My mom has been in and out of mental hospitals since I was about five. My birthday is November 7, so I’m reppin’ the scorpio to the fullest. This tattoo on my lip represents that pain I related to in K.O.D. Tech is not just a lyrical genius, but a real motherfucker you could sit down and have a conversation with. My next tattoo is 666 666 falling down my ribs on the left side (my ‘bad’ side) and 777 777 rising up my ribs on the right side (good side). Keep doing ur shit at SM. I’ll always be down man! See y’all in Charlotte on the 26th or the 27th!

After seeing the cover for All 6’s and 7’s with the MK thing going and hearing the “Harvey Dent” song, I think a lot of people would think this video is dope. It blends “The Dark Knight” with Tech N9ne and Mortal Kombat. How much more dopeness can you ask for?

Take a look at the video below:

-Dillon aka Surr3al The Entertainer