Tech Tatt Where Your Neck’s At [Fan Feature]

Apr 7 2011

“Wanna live in my world you have to have a Tech tat
Preferably the number N9ne and you gotta get it where the back of you neck’s at” – Tech N9ne, “K.O.D.”

“Well my love for tech nine is very deep and emotional. I started listening to his music in 2007 and saw him live in 2008, I believe, which got me listening even more after seeing his live performance. At the end of 2008 I got pregnant and my sons father got me listening to more of the real shit since I ha only been introduced to songs like Einstein an imma tell. During my pregnancy I really started listening to tech and loving all his music but I still mixed it up with other artists. My son passed away two weeks before his due date and I was lost afterward, tech and mary Jane are the only things that kept me goin, now I spend most of my days bumpin tech. Especially when I’m mad I just put on dysfunctional or check yo temperature or stress relief lol. My sons father and I are no longer together because Luke tech he is a very talented rapper and he is girl crazy. Songs like I love you but fuck you and my happy ending help remind me that although I still love him we are better off apart. Tech nine has helped keep my head up at the lowest points of my life I will forever be greatful I have already preordered all 6’s and 7’s (which strangely enough is my moms license plate number lol) and I already have my tickets to his house of blues concert in sin city ^_^ can’t wait to see him I love love love love love tech nine” – Emma Gallegos

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