Tech N9ne Helps Fan Cope With Loss Of Father [Fan Feature]

Apr 5 2011

Hey Tech, Trav, and everyone else at SM.

My Name is Garrett Zimmer and I’m 21 years old. Ive been a Tech N9ne/Strange Music fan since Late 2004. On December 22nd 2004, my father, also named Aaron ironically, passed away from Brain Cancer. In the months leading up to his death i was in severe depression, anxiety, anger, everything. A friend had left a CD at my house on accident, and i listened to it and that was the first time i had ever heard a Tech N9ne song. The song was “Einstein”. When i listened to it, i felt as though i was in a different world, i could feel the energy coming out of my speakers as, an artist that i would soon find out to be Tech N9ne, delivered line after line of intense vocals and killer flow. When the song was finished i replayed it, over and over. I went to a local store and bought both AP and Anghellic. Every song just relieved me from all the stress that i had in my life at the time trying to cope with my Fathers sickness. Techs music brought me into a better place, or at least a different place, when i needed it most.

I am now a die hard tech n9ne and strange music fan. I am on TRTN daily and i buy every new release you guys put out. Strange Music and Tech N9ne, brought me through and out of the hardest time in my life. I listen to techs music everyday because when i hear the stories he tells, the pictures he paints with his lyrics, i know that im not alone in the darkness, that someone else understand my pain, even if it is the KOD. I love you Tech N9ne and Strange Music. You guys change lives. Cha!

Together We Are A Powerful Force
As One Mind, Body, And Soul.
Let No Evil Nor Attempt To Reduce Us
Because Of The Beliefs We Hold.
And With This Love, Combined With Our Strength,
We Ward Off Pain And Stress.
TECHNICIAN I Am Wholeheartedly

Garrett Zimmer