My Story’s Like… [Fan Feature]

Apr 24 2011

So look, I’ve always strived to find REAL HIP HOP! When I was 10, I believe I got my first listen to a new artist, a new wound from the midwest! I took this new artist’s style with a great liking and was instantly able to vibe with it. This artist was Tech N9ne. I bought my first Tech N9ne CD in 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona at some CD store where Ice Cube was doing an in-store signing. I remember seeing the CD on the shelf and thinking, “Everready.. or Anghellic“? I chose Everready and started bumpin’ it IMMEDIATELY! I loved that shit so fuckin’ much that I had to buy EVERY CD Tech N9ne has made.

His flow is fuckin’ sick and his lyrics are deep, metaphoric, meaningful and easy to vibe with. I also went to my first Tech N9ne concert THAT YEAR in October ON MY 21st BIRTHDAY! I skipped the drinks, missed the meet and greet, but loved the show. I’m NOT A FAN, I’m a supporter ’til death and lyrics do part, Tha N9ne will be in my heart! (NO HOMO!) As a lyricist, you are my favorite. You’re also my favorite concert artist, performer, flower, rapper, and you’re not a rude-ass industry cat! I myself am a lyricist, radio show host, promoter, photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur! I look up to you more than any other artist in the world. My dream is to someday make a song with you and tryout to be on Strange. But that’s some time away because I’m still learning (after 10+ years in this). I support you in all fields you may wish to pursue bro! TECH N9NE!

With my greatest regards to you and yours!
Joseph “SKRIBBLA Tha Reaper” Tirado

Left hand FTI:
They Fucked me over as well.

9 on back of neck: Got this in 2008 after buying Everready! 9 wiith a tear-shaped blood drop to represent blood, sweat, and tears you shed for your fans. INSPIRED BY EVERREADY!