SM Blogs Interview With ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ Cover Designer Frankie Oviedo

Apr 4 2011

We were able to get the All 6’s and 7’s album cover designer Frankie Oviedo on the air for an exclusive expose on the making of the controversial album cover. One thing about the album cover is for sure: people either like it or don’t with little opinion in between! We went to the man himself to figure out how the process happened behind its design.

Frankie reveals himself to be the designer for all the Strange Music album covers since Tech N9ne’s Sickology 101, including: Dinner And A Movie, Coathanga Strangla, K.O.D., Raw And Un-Kutt, Genius, Shock Treatment, and The Gates Mixed Plate. Clearly the man has a fantastic track record of stunning and original album covers under his belt.

Frank went on to answer a variety of questions, some posed by SM Blogs and some by fans. Frank explained the concept of the album cover as he understood it, including the meaning of the branding on Tech N9ne, the towel he wears over his torso, and the environment in which the photo was taken. He also responds to the opinion that Tech N9ne looks like a Mortal Kombat character, in which the interview takes an amusing detour into nostalgia as he reminisces about his favorite Mortal Kombat character, and hypothesizes about what Tech N9ne’s fatality would be. Tech certainly is a scrapper, as Frankie states in the interview:

“He’s worked his balls off earning every ounce of credit that he’s gotten. He’s a fighter inside and I think that is also a small connotation to the cover and what that means: he’s earned everything and he’s worked super hard getting there and accomplishing all that he’s accomplished. At the end of the day, this album’s all about him.”

Fans called in with their support of the album cover and also questions for Frankie about the actual execution of the cover. Most fans loved the cover but a few had their concerns. Frankie handles everyone with equal tact and grace and is a shining example of a professional at the top of his craft.

It’s a great interview and expose behind the making of one of the most original album covers of the year! Listen below!