Tech N9ne With The Deftones [Picture]

Apr 28 2011

We have so few moments in life to indulge in the production of two creative forces from polar opposite extremes on the musical spectrum. We have one now before us. Given to we mere mortals as though we deserved it, as though we had earned it, as though there wasn’t a million futile existences we could live that would never satisfy the requirements for entrance into Lyrical Elysia.

All 6’s and 7’s – 6/7: in the hope of gaining access to symphonic Heaven.

Tech made a song that features members of The Deftones entitled “If I Could” that will be featured on All 6’s and 7’s. Have you pre-ordered yet? What are you waiting for?! Click here to pre-order your autographed copy today which includes an All 6’s and 7’s t-shirt, an album sticker, and an exclusive download!