‘Techn9cian I Am…’

Apr 9 2011

To unify Techn9cians before the release of his upcoming blockbuster album All 6s and 7s, Tech N9ne created The Pledge of a Techn9cian, which reads as follows:

Together we are a powerful force,
As one mind, body and soul.
Let no evil enter nor attempt
To reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.
And with this love, combined with our strength,
We ward off pain and stress.
Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!

Every Thursday at 3 p.m. (CST), Strange Music hosts a session in which fans can call in and take The Pledge of a Techn9cian. The first broadcast was a massive success, and so many fans called in that the switchboard jammed up multiple times.

Before fans took the pledge Jeff Nelson played a clip where Tech N9ne explained the importance of the pledge. “I had to make a pledge for the existing fans, the core fans, to say ‘Okay, this is what we’re going to have, and when the newbies come in, we’re going to teach them.’ We’re going to spread and keep spreading,” Tech N9ne said. “So I had to make us real clique-y real quick before it gets out of hand, because it’s about to get out of hand.”

Jeff Nelson invited you all to be part of a movement led by Tech N9ne, who couldn’t care less about a hit single, who couldn’t care less about the radio. Phillip from Alabama called in and said he has been listening to Tech N9ne since middle school. He was drawn to Tech N9ne’s raw, diverse flow. Justin said he has been a Techn9cian for 10 years! Justin was in for a surprise. Tech N9ne jumped on the line after Justin took the pledge. He said he just finished the song “Techn9cians” for All 6s and 7s to start the album off with an anthem dedicated to the fans.

Tech N9ne continued talk fans through the pledge. “I wrote that from the bottom of my heart,” Tech N9ne told one caller about the pledge. Cody called in from Florida and said he wanted to take a minute to address the haters who think Tech N9ne is a cult leader. Tech N9ne said he has a song for those haters on All 6s and 7s called “Cult Leader?”.

“My pledge is about love, and keeping evil out. So, if there was a cult, it would be a good fuckin’ cult. Fuck ’em.” -Tech N9ne

We would like to thank all the fans that took the pledge in our second pledge broadcast: Austin, Phillip, Tyler, Bryan, KK, Natalie, The Grinch, Justin, DJ, Cody, Heather, High Grade, Brian, Tara, Jalene, Luis, Damien, Renae, Austin, Derek, Chris, Kyle, Scorpeezee, Theresa, Brad, Coco, Todd Wiseman, Tremendous, Cindy, Christian, and Angel.

Don’t forget to join StrangeMusicInc on Blog Talk Radio next Thursday at 3 p.m. (CST) to take the pledge or listen in!