Techn9cians Take The Pledge

Apr 16 2011

Techn9cian’s answered the call once again, taking The Pledge of a Techn9cian when they were requested by the man himself: Techn9cian Number One.This time Tech N9ne was there the ENTIRE broadcast to listen to and guide his fans through The Pledge. Almost every single fan had The Pledge memorized in its entirety! One notable exception was Jacob, who had a little problem getting through it because of issues with having to go to the bathroom, however, Tech was there to lead him through it, and sympathized with his plight! One fan Thomas took the pledge and slammed an ENTIRE glass of Caribou Lou after he was done! Now that’s dedication! Listen for Cody and Christian, who took the pledge simutaneously, creating an awesome echo effect for the audience listening in on this monumental occasion. Tech would like to thank EVERYONE who was able to take The Pledge (and if we couldn’t get to you, make sure you call in next Thursday at 3PM CST): Jared, Matt, Sarah, Donnie, Element, John, Renee, Nick, Chris, Thomas, Anthony, Esteban, Cody, Christian, Louis, Smoke, Anthony, Q, Misty, Destiny, TJ, Brian, Noah, Jacob, Chris, Rilz, and Matt…thank you ALL!

Listen below to hear fans take The Pledge of a Techn9cian! Stay tuned next Thursday at 3PM CST for your next opportunity to take The Pledge!