’5-6′ [Song]

May 6 2011

“5-6” slams out the gate with sharp toned percussion and a mean taste for synths thanks to producer Nardo. The anthem serves as a throwback for Scoob’s days as a Rogue Dog Villain, and brings another veteran, Txx Will, for a guest spot. The simple, yet catchy hook drives “5-6” into listener’s heads with a killer melody to match. Scoob’s deep vocals are contrasted by Txx Will’s faster and lighter delivery in the second verse. Scoob and Txx Will trade shots in the final verse, with the pair rhyming:

This the part where my villain niggas stand up
got ’em rockin with the movement, with they hands up
I remember seein hands up for a different reason
pull that pistol, tell them pussies that they ain’t leavin

Scoob’s history with the Rogue Dog Villains shaped him into the MC he is today. Judging by his flows on “5-6”, he hasn’t missed a step.

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“5-6” was produced by Nardo.