‘Don’t Be A Damn Fool’: Fan Reviews ‘Damn Fool’ [Video]

May 15 2011

Scotty2Ballz is back with yet another video in support of Strange Music. This time, Scotty takes a moment to review Big Scoob’s Damn Fool. Encouraging fans to go out and purchase the album, Scotty notes that “You would be a damn fool not to go pick it up”. It’s not too surprising to see Damn Fool getting so much love. With giant sized hits like “Akka Damn Fool”, “Damu”, and “Take Me Away”, the album blows past the competition, and proves to be Scoob’s best record yet. As Scotty puts it in his final words, “If you’re looking for new music to be bumpin, definitely give Big Scoob a try”.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

“Damu” and “Take Me Away” were produced by Seven. “Akka Damn Fool” was produced by Boogieman.