SM Live: The Episode The Day Before The World Ends

May 20 2011

Well they say tomorrow is going to be the end of the world, did you really think that was going to stop us from kicking off the weekend proper on another episode of SM Live? If you could say just one thing to someone before we all go, what would it be? Makzilla wants you to get your FINAL fuck yous out there on the air, because after all, you only got one more chance, for tomorrow could be the darkest of days!

Speaking of darkness, it’s been said since the beginning of time, that once you go black, you can never go back. Is this true? What’s with the infatuation called Jungle Fever? Krizz Kaliko covered this topic in his song “Jungle Love” from Vitiligo. We will also thoroughly investigate this fascination on what could be the LAST episode of SM Live!

CALL 347-994-3066 with your FINAL “fuck you’s” and your comments! 4PM CST!

Listen below:

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