Elite N9ne bring speed and variation back to Rap with World Wide Choppers

May 10 2011

For someone to be considered a “Chopper”, they must not only possess the ability to deliver their sporadic lines as fast as humanly possible, but they must also be able to carry their verses clearly, and be precise while flowing with the beat.

Although the collaboration of these nine rappers could be seen as a foot race, or the ultimate speed test on their abilities, something on a much bigger scale has happened here. Nine elite lyricists have come together to showcase to the world the different variations and a side of rap that has been somewhat dormant in recent years. Again, it is important not only to focus on the quantity, or speed, of these beastly verses but instead acknowledge the complexity, quality, and precision of the lyrics being brought to us by Tech N9ne and the chosen few.

XXL has put it out there that this could very well be Busta Rhymes best verse ever. I can see why the statement was made. Busta has plenty of previous insane flows, but it is my humble opinion that artists evolve over time, and in this stage of his career Busta has matured and adapted while polishing his technique, and delivery. Looking at these characteristics, his verse on “World Wide Choppers” is undoubtedly Busta at his best.There is no doubt that Ceza (Turkey), U$O (Denmark), JL (KC), Yelawolf (Alabama), Twista (Chicago), Busta Rhymes (New York), Twisted Insane (Kansas City), D-Loc (California) are all capable and deserving to share the platform with Tech. All have been chosen because of their unique ability to deliver their flow the way they do.

Let us not forget who Tech N9ne is, and respect the level of intricacy he can, and has, consistently demonstrated throughout his career. On this track alone his versatility is very much present and accounted for. Since day one, he has, and always will be considered by many a world-class visionary within the industry. Tech N9ne has most definitely lived up to his name and has brought fire in alternate forms to the microphone with his verse. I can assure you, that it is because of the love and respect that Tech and the other nine elite, have for what they do, that this track was brought to life.

“World Wide Choppers” is solidifying proof that this style of rap is not only here to stay, but that it is a much deserved, long awaited, and refreshing change of pace. It is most definitely something that will not go unnoticed and will go down in history as a monumental track with the possibility of many of its kind to follow.

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-Johnny Zuleta
The Don Dotta

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