‘He’s A Mental Giant’ [Song]

May 5 2011

He’s A Mental Giant“. The track was first premiered Tuesday night during Shade45’s All Out Show. Adding another hit to Michael “Seven” Summers’ production arsenal, “He’s A Mental Giant” creates an entire movie out of a single vocal sample. Borrowing from one of hip hop’s richest traditions, the vintage sample loops during the hook, simply stating: “He’s a mental giant“. The colossal instrumentation gives the track layer upon layer of naturally raw sound, taken over the edge by a thunderous bass line. Ascending above the competition, Tech steps into the shoes of a giant and flows:

Hey, I’m lookin down on you niggas
even though I’m 5’8″ and 195 pound on you niggas

Chopping it up like only he can, Tech’s versatility comes in handy when flowing over the varying production. Tech’s stop and go delivery adds a sickeningly addictive element to each verse. Twisting words and bending syllables to his liking, Tech N9ne’s flow grows to epic proportions. Tech has every reason to feel like a titan on “He’s A Mental Giant”.

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“Worldwide Choppers” and “He’s Mental Giant” were produced by Michael “Seven” Summers.