Strange Music Represent [Fan Feature]

May 5 2011

Hey Tech, my name is Cory Dawson and I just got up the nerves to finally write you man. I been a huge fan for years man, ever since I saw Alpha Dog and your song played for the credits man. Your lyrics like serious grabbed me and when I was listening to it I was on the phone and I had to hang up and was just like, “dam!” Since then I was hooked man, spreading your name around and got people looking at me like what the hell is this nigga listening to but man I bang it anyway. I’ve been collecting a lot of your stuff for a while now and living where I’m at it ain’t easy to find but I do what I can.I’m originally from Belize but I live in Inglewood, California and trust I’ll be at your next concert. Thanks to my wife I missed your last one but I will be at this one man. Get back at me Tech, believe I’m a strange music representative for real.

Oh and here is a few pics of what I got so far with plenty more on the way and the jersey imma have to wear on game day( yeah man I play semi pro) imma send off a pic of that. see you at your concert man.

– Cory Dawson

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